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Copenhagen, Denmark: Associate Video Editor - UNHCR

Job Vacancy: 
Associate Video Editor - UNHCR

Copenhagen, Denmark

Closing Date: 5th February 2023

The Associate Video Editor is responsible for ensuring there is a regular flow of engaging video content for the Private Sector Partnerships network, fundraising teams, Global Communications colleagues and other UNHCR video output platforms to support fundraising and advocacy activities. This includes developing fundraising (or other engagement-related) videos or re-editing centrally produced material with a fundraising angle / call to action. Specific projects may include thematic videos for communication with supporters, emergency appeal videos, and ask/thank you videos linked with integrated fundraising appeals, campaigns and emergencies.

Roles and Responsibilities
Develop, produce and edit short supporter/donor engagement videos as part of regular fundraising thematic content packages.

Create, produce and edit impact, need and other videos linked with integrated fundraising appeals, campaigns and emergencies.

Support the development and commissioning of video assets for global partnerships as needed.

Re-version partnership and other videos into different languages as requested and develop video teasers to support partnership campaign materials.

Re-package centrally produced video assets for use by fundraising colleagues and teams, when relevant

Ensure the effective media management, curation and distribution of video content to the wider fundraising market network through the Refugees Media library.

Respond to ad hoc requests that support the development of other video assets including sourcing video b-roll for direct response television adverts, short films etc.

Produce strong audio/visual content about UNHCR from conception to output, for social/digital platforms and partnerships

Keep informed about and suggest innovations to fundraising and action-oriented multimedia content

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