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Washington, USA: Communications Officer - UNHCR

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Communications Officer - UNHCR

Washington, USA

Closing Date: 5th March 2021

The Communications Officer is a key member of the Strategic Communications and Outreach unit in UNHCR's Washington office. The unit takes the lead in keeping the media, the public and external stakeholders fully apprised of UNHCR's global operations and the needs of refugees and other persons of concern. It is also responsible for overall communications, outreach, and public information including media engagement, content production, online presence, and development of core messaging for the American audience.

The United States remains UNHCR's most important donor and political supporter. With the inauguration of the new Biden Administration, it is expected that many of the regulatory and policy changes made over the past four years will be significantly modified. Despite the different policy priorities of the new Administration, there continues to be a highly divisive political environment including on issues of direct interest to UNHCR that will require UNHCR to communicate with the American public in a strategic and comprehensive manner.

The preferred candidate will demonstrate they understand the current national political environment and will take the lead in developing productive new relationships across the United States to further the strategic objective of reaching new audiences, using both innovative and trusted strategies for leveraging the strengths of UNHCR and pairing those with the strengths of outside entities.

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