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Doha, Qatar: Online Middle East Editor, English - Al Jazeera

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Online Middle East Editor,  English - Al Jazeera

Doha, Qatar

Job Summary

The online Middle East Editor oversees all website input and output coverage of the MENA region, directing editorial meetings, planning meetings, providing feedback to producers on content and checking all potential stories for accuracy and editorial standards.

The position leads a team of digital producers and reporters that commission and create original content (print and video) for the website and social platform consumption. Leads shifts.

Key Responsibilities
  • Provide editorial and strategic direction on MENA regional coverage to the Digital Newsgathering teams
  • Strategize across digital teams to ensure that Planning, Engagement, and Audience Development departments are leveraging the original content being produced for news
  • Decide upon and finalize production schedules and projects for news
  • Manage the freelance story selection and commissioning process for news
  • Revise and finalize all relevant scripts for news
  • Final publishing rights on the website for news
  • Review content performance
  • Ensure editorial, engagement, and creative standards
  • Champion field safety and ethical reporting practices
  • Engage with audience on social media in a professional manner while following network guidelines
  • Lead conversations around editorial and creative ideas in meetings and discussions.
  • Assess new information and react quickly to editorial developments out of the MENA region
  • Carry out duties in line with Al Jazeera editorial guidelines and ethics
  • Report Managing Editor

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