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Beijing, China: China Economy Reporter - Bloomberg

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China Economy Reporter - Bloomberg

Beijing, China

The world's number 2 economy is one of the most fascinating stories there is to tell in journalism. From the economy's comeback after the coronavirus shutdowns to the slow demographic shifts that impact more than a billion people, China's economy is relevant for global readers like never before.

Bloomberg News is looking for a seasoned economic journalist who'll work as part of a team in our Beijing bureau to help keep readers abreast of the day-to-day detail of economic data, unearth the big underlying trends before our competitors do and break news on upcoming policy shifts. You'll need to be as comfortable interviewing high-level officials as visiting factory floors or chatting with shopkeepers in far-flung provinces.

The role involves liaising with government ministries for the official view, utilizing the power of the information on the Bloomberg terminal, and helping write the team's biggest stories across multiple platforms.
To tell the full story, travel around the country to report out stories is an essential part of the job, as is working with colleagues globally to cover China's emerging role as an economic policy heavyweight.

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