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New York, USA: Producer - ABC News Live

Job Vacancy: 
Producer - ABC News Live

New York, USA

Job Summary:

ABC News Live is looking for a Producer/Editor.

The Producer/Editor will be responsible for delivering high quality video packages to ABC News Live. The Producer/Editor needs to be able to write, produce and edit packages on their own, which requires them to be an advanced video editor, and comfortable turning a script, with equally advanced speed and knowledge of current events. This role must have a knowledge of non-linear editing platforms, effect editing tools, file formats, codecs, FTPs, and broadcast operations and the ability to turn around video quickly in a news environment. Candidate must be resourceful when looking for images and video, stay up to date on what’s happening in the news, and the ability to write short VO’s for the headlines. A strong understanding of the digital landscape and evolving technologies is preferred.

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