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London, UK: Production Professional - BT

Job Vacancy: 
Production professional - BT

London, UK

Closing Date: 11th October 2020

About this role

Ingest and File Delivery Operator is responsible for the successful ingest and delivery of file-based content. Central to this role is the delivery of files for transmission adhering to the BT Sport delivery protocols. It also includes co-ordinating ingest of live and delayed video content streams.

You'll have the following responsibilities

• Ensure ingest of live video streams guaranteeing all content is captured
• Check all ingests to confirm the content has been correctly captured in a timely fashion
• Liaising with MCR, Media Managers and Engineering team to escalate issues around systems, procedures and schedules
• Ensure the accuracy of metadata and its application to all media assets

File Delivery

• Full understanding of day to day file delivery schedule
• QC of all files to be delivered for transmission
• Liaising with Media Managers and Production to ensure all deliverables are compliant to the BT Sport delivery protocol
• Monitoring creation of TX and associated metadata files to ensure timely and accurate delivery
• Understand all delivery routes to Transmission partners

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