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New York, USA: Project Manager - BBC StoryWorks

Job Vacancy: 
Project Manager - BBC StoryWorks 

New York, USA

Closing Date: 28th August 2020

Job Introduction
BBC StoryWorks is the BBC’s global branded content division. We build on the BBC’s award-winning expertise in creating compelling film and video, thought-provoking written journalism, and innovative digital content that is on the pulse of what matters, and our instinctive ability to seek out stories that capture audiences’ attention and inspire people across the globe.

Our team works with commercial partners to create engaging and innovative content campaigns designed with the BBC's global audience in mind. Our custom content solutions amplify advertisers’ key messaging strategies while focusing on authentic, human-centric storytelling. In addition, we enable sponsorships of our world-class editorial output across passion-driven brands including BBC Worklife, BBC Culture, BBC Future, BBC Travel, BBC Sport, and Top Gear, creating an alignment for our partners with the BBC’s trusted editorial voice.

The Project Manager for BBC StoryWorks Americas will collaborate across BBC Global News’ editorial, sales, and product development teams to execute unique, multi-platform content programs aligning with all brands for clients throughout North and South America. The ideal candidate has a knack for client relationship building, impeccable attention to detail, and a passion for producing high quality digital content that successfully engages audiences around the world.

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Posted on TVZ: 29th July 2020

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