London, UK: Output Producer - ITV News

Job Vacancy: 
Output Producer - ITV News

London, UK

Closing Date: 26th August 2019

To produce high quality packages and other content for ITV News across including GMB, Lunchtime News, the Evening News, News At Ten and Weekend Bulletins. To contribute innovative structure, graphics and picture treatments, as well as ideas for coverage and interviews. To write engaging and scrupulously accurate scripts and lead-ins.

  • Producing packages for reporters/correspondents
  • Writing scripts, lead-ins, headlines and subbing
  • Browse editing video for ulays, headlines and packages
  • Selecting video and sound-bites to be edited for headlines, news-belts and packages
  • Finding contributors for reports, packages and films
  • Conceiving, writing and executing graphics in packages and programmes
  • Contributing story ideas and treatments
  • Being alert to news wires and breaking stories
  • Occasional field producing including live Obs
  • Sourcing and logging picture and stills
  • Working on the ITV News website, including the updating of stories and uploading of video

These are the main requirements of the role and is not an exhaustive list of duties. It is intended to reflect the nature, range, and context of the work, which will change over time.

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