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08.04.2011Russia: First anniversary of the Smolensk Tragedy *** ARCHIVE

TVN News & Services Agency

Event: celebrations of the 1st anniversary of the Smolensk Tragedy will be held in Smolensk, Russia as well as in Poland. Event is to commemorate the victims of the crash of the presidential TU-154 including the president Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria Kaczynska, and representatives of Poland's political elites. Detailed schedule of the celebrations remains to be announced.

Date: April 8 - 11, 2011

Where: Smolensk, Russia

TVN News & Services Agency is offering the following services on demand to assist you in your coverage of this event, including:

- live stand up position - crash location backdrop (April 8-10)
- aspect ratio: 16:9 and 4:3
- multi-format tape playout facilities:
- XDCam / DVCam
- SD PAL (625) and NTSC (525)
- European and global delivery

Apart from our broadcast services, we’re offering a special customized production.

Thanks to TVN News & Services Agency’s “news on demand” service, you will always be on site when something important happens, saving your time and costs.

Our “news on demand” services include:

- video materials to suit your needs
- fast and fully professional productions from distant locations
- experience and a wide range of facilities
- preparation of comprehensive productions - by shooting video footage, postproduction and delivery of a finished piece

Please note: All correspondents will be responsible for their own accreditation.

For more details and bookings please contact:

+48 22 453 6162
+48 22 453 6194(f) l


The 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash occurred on 10 April 2010, when a Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft of the Polish Air Force crashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board. These included the Polish president Lech Kaczyński and his wife, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other senior Polish military officers, the president of the National Bank of Poland, Poland's deputy foreign minister, Polish government officials, 12 members of the Polish parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy, and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre

Next April, 2011 celebrations of the 1st anniversary of the Smolensk Tragedy will be held in Smolensk.

Overon will be offering a wide range of broadcast facilities in Poland:

- Live Stand-Ups Positions 16/9 and 4/3
- Play out multi-format (NTSC/PAL). SP/SX/BTD/DVCAM/DVCRO/P-2…
- Editing facilities
- ENG Crews upon request

To book or enquire about available facilities, please contact:

Tel.: +34 91 837 75 50

IHA News Agency

IHA will be operational in Smolensk

Technical facilities on site:
Live Stand-up Positions in Ra's Ajdir
Tape playouts: Beta SP/SX, DVC pro, PAL and NTSC
16:9 or 4:3 camera
Eutelsat W2A delivery

For Booking please contact the following number
+90 (212) 454 29 00
+90 (212) 454 2902


The first anniversary of the plane crash which killed Polish president Lech Kaczynsky is due to be marked on the 10th April.

The crash killed 95 other Poles as they landed for a ceremony commemorating the Katyn Forrest massacre of Polish prisoners during WWII.

GlobeCast in conjunction with TVN News & Services Agency will be onsite at Smolensk, and in Poland, to offer facilities to broadcasters covering the event.

Discounted prices available for bookings of 3 or more lives/playouts.

Date: 10th April 2011

Location: Smolensk (Russia), Cracow and Warsaw (Poland)

Smolensk: Live standup, playout PAL/NTSC

Warsaw: Live standup Presidential Palace view, Studio, playout

Cracow: Studio with Wawel Castle backdrop, playout

ENG, SNG, Editing on request
Accreditation required in Smolensk

For bookings and further information please contact

GlobeCast Paris Bookings
Tel: + 331 55 95 28 00


MarieNoelle Janaszkiewicz
Tel: + 33 1 5595 28 83
Mobile: + 33 6 85 11 40 96
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