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01.02.2023Morocco: FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2022

New TR

New TR News Agency is operational in Morocco with studios and news teams. Mobile teams available to deploy through all regions.

➡️ Live stand ups with live background
➡️ Multicamera studio
➡️ Indoor studio positions
➡️ ENG Crew
➡️ News packages, news producer
➡️ Arabic, Turkish and English reporter and experts for live insert
➡️ Global delivery via satellite and fiber

For 24/7 booking:

📲 +44 203 7649227

Send email for booking or call our booking team directly to 24/7 hotline above


WhiteClicks offers the following live broadcast and production services in Morocco:

Live broadcast studio
Live standup
Fully redundant SNG
Live Streaming devices
Camera crew
Satellite Turnaround services

Booking department contact:
24/7 hotline: +961 76 972 888 / +961 3 972 888
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