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09.12.2022Sudan: Crisis caused by closure of main port *** ARCHIVE

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The crisis in eastern Sudan was renewed on Wednesday, when an armed group led by Shayba Dirar announced the closure of the southern port in the Sudanese Red Sea state, in protest of the violation of eastern Sudan in the framework agreement that was recently signed between military and civilian leaders.

The move comes amid a division in eastern Sudan from that step, which most workers in the Red Sea port stand against
Dirar, who leads an armed group with close ties to the last prime minister in the regime of ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, had previously threatened to close eastern Sudan and to escalate if they bypassed them in the political settlement to resolve the Sudanese crisis.
Observers fear that the Dirar group will unite with the Beja Council led by Nazir Turk, who rejects the framework agreement and the political settlement and has repeatedly threatened to resist it, especially since he had previously succeeded in implementing a complete closure of eastern Sudan last year, which affected the country economically and politically, and among its repercussions were the measures taken by the Sudanese army in October of Last year, the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok was dissolved and the partnership with civilians ended
i suggested conducting a report on these developments and their effects on the political scene and the expected scenarios in light of this escalation
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