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08.07.2022Saudi Arabia: Holy Haj gathers millions of Muslims to Mecca

New TR

Annual Holy Hajj gathering of Muslims from around the world in Mecca starts after missing two years for Covid measures. Though the number of pilgrims will still be limited in relation with virus, over a a million Muslim is expected to go to Mecca.

New TR will be operational with SNG-OB teams in downtown Mecca, Arafat and Mina. We'll be offering following services

➡️ Live stand ups with live background
➡️ Multicamera studio
➡️ Indoor studio positions
➡️ ENG Crew
➡️ News packages, news producer
➡️ Arabic, Turkish and English reporter and experts for live insert
➡️ Global delivery via satellite and fiber

For 24/7 booking:

📲 +44 203 7649227

Send email for booking or call our booking team directly to 24/7 hotline above


WhiteClicks offers the following live broadcast and production services in KSA for Al-Hajj gathering of Muslims:

- Live broadcast studio
- Live standup
- Live Streaming devices
- Camera crew
- Satellite Turnaround services

Booking department contact:

24/7 hotline: +961 76 972 888 / +961 3 972 888


GMLinks is operational from (KSA) and will provide :

- Live stand ups.
- Indoor live studio.
- ENG Crew
- News packages, news producer.

For any more information or request , contact us on :

Email :
Tel : 00972566200055
Tel : 00972566200033
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