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05.10.2021Netherlands: Three earthquakes in one day in Groningen *** ARCHIVE


Groningen has been hit by three earthquakes in one day. The three earthquakes in the north of Groningen are caused by gas extraction in the area around Loppersum and Appingedam. All quakes were measured at a depth of approximately 3 kilometers.

People who live in the area say they heard rumblings and walls of their houses going back and forth. There are more frequent earthquakes in Groningen. That has to do with drilling for gas, which is in the ground there. For years, gas has been extracted from the ground. This was used, for example, to heat houses throughout the Netherlands and for cooking.

Earthquakes occur when gas is extracted from the ground. A few years ago it was therefore decided that in 2022 gas would no longer be drilled in Groningen.

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