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21.09.2021Sudan: Tribes close national roads in eastern Sudan

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Tribal groups in eastern Sudan states announced a complete closure of national roads, in the context of the escalation they announced to achieve several demands, including the formation of a government of competencies, canceling the peace agreement on honor and opening negotiations again.

The Supreme Council of the Beja and the Independent Amauyat in eastern Sudan circulated about the closure of the region for an indefinite period and confirmed the opening of roads leading to the eastern states to critical health cases and local and international humanitarian organizations

The east represents Sudan's vibrant economy, as it embraces the port of Port Sudan, on which the states of the country and the government in general depend officially to supply the country with its needs of imported goods, fuel, and the like.
He proposed covering the national road tetris operations in eastern Sudan and reflecting the reality on the ground

We can provide media services to cover this event as the following :
- ENG ( Sony 7A III with Ronin-S - (Drone) Mavic 2 Pro with (Edit unit ) .
- Broadcast by (TVU/Live u ) internet from V sat system
- Thuraya mobile
- SNG Full HD

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