News Events: broadcast facilities

18.09.2020Belarus: Anti-government protests

New TR

New TR News Agency is operational from Minsk (Belarus) and ready to provide the following:

➡️ Live stand ups
➡️ Broadband connection
➡️ Eng Crews
➡️ Indoor studio positions
➡️ News packages
➡️ Global delivery via satellite and fiber

For 24/7 booking:

📲 +44 203 7649227

Send email for booking or call our booking team directly for 24/7 hotline

IHA News Agency

IHA offers live stand up from Minsk

SNG Truck live stand up position available
ENg crew also available

IHA booking 24 hours

+90 212 454 2900


Overon is offering a wide range of services from Minsk:

- Live Stand positions
- Play out facilities

For bookings or enquiries, please contact our Planning Office in Madrid:

Tel.: +34 91 837 75 50
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