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14.03.2019Gaza/Israel: Tension in Gaza Strip *** ARCHIVE


Sources talk about a tensioned situation in Gaza Strip after news about launching rockets toward Israeli lands.

G.C.S is operational in (Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv, Ramallah & Jerusalem), and we provide the following services,

- Live Studio / Live Stand Up Positions (SD-HD).
- ENG Crews. (all formats).
- TPO (all formats).
- Edit Suits (premier, final cut).
- Rushes
- Archive.

Should you need any inquiry or have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Tel: 00972 82827146
Mob: 00970 597024202 / 00970 599620006


GMLinks will be operational from GAZA and ready to provide following:

- Live studio / stand up. (SD/HD)
- SNG truck / OB Vans.
- Tape play out in all formats.
- Camera crew, Editing.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on:
Tel : 0097282822491


PMP is operational from Gaza, Ramallah and Tel Aviv .

Following services will be available:

1.SNG Trucks (SD/HD)
2.Live Studio (SD/HD)
3.Stand Up Positions (SD/HD)
4.Tape feed (all formats)
5.ENG Crews (all formats)
6.Edit Suites (Final Cut, Adobe Premiere...etc)
9.Logistic Services

Rate Cards and bookings will be available upon Request:
Our phone numbers: 0097082841005 0097082840613 00970595252614
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