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03.10.2018Russia: UEFA Champions League: Lokomotiv Moskva vs Schalke *** ARCHIVE

Match TV

Dear broadcasters and football fans, the World Cup is over!
It's time to capture new victories and new heroes!
All goals shall be caught by the lens of our cameras!

Team Match TV- "National Sports Channel" is pleased to welcome you to Russia!
We are ready to take action to attract the attention of viewers to the games of the Champions League and UEFA Europa League and offer services for the TV production of these games.
Our team consists of more than 500 qualified creative and technical specialists.
Match TV offers full complex of production for any event with the option of using special television equipment.
Our services:
* Full technical support of TV production with the use of technical means and technical personnel
* Multimedia support (5 broadcast media):
1. Terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T)
2. Broadcasting to mobile devices (DVB-H)
3. Satellite broadcasting (DVB-S)
4. Broadcasting cable (DVB-C)
* Organization of live web broadcasting with high-quality image and sound transmission
* Development of creative concept and technical solution
* Organization and coordination of all creative and technical components of TV production
* Full technical support of TV production with special television equipment OB-Van, Mobile Power Generator, Digital Satellite News Gathering Van.
* Graphic design
* Additional features: organization of commentary positions, mixed and flash zone, Studio
* Signal delivery via satellite communication channels.
Our company has the following mobile equipment:
- 13 OB-Vans
- 13 Mobile Power Generators
- 7 Digital Satellite News Gathering Vans
- Mobile Central switching equipment
We are also ready to provide mobile media office - portable set of equipment for TV production.

MatchTV also offers its services outside the Russian Federation.
For a detailed calculation of the cost of services, please specify your request.

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary information.
Looking forward to fruitful and long-term cooperation!
24 Hours booking

Tel: +7 -495-653-84-19 #6192


TV START can provide services for this event:

- Live stand-up position
- Graphic disign services
- Eng crew
- Comentary position
- Live studio
- Unilateral services
- Lighting;

TVSTART can offer any other services upon request

Head office: Ogorodnyj proezd,4, building 1 Moscow 127254

24 Hours booking:
+ 7 925 517 30 94

Tel : +7 495 619 18 19
+7 495 619 12 62

IHA News Agency

IHA is operational in Moscow

-Stand-up facilities available-
-Studio facilities available-

Technical facilities on site
• Live Stand-up Positions
• Tape Playouts
• SD & HD availability
• Eutelsat 10A delivery

For Booking please contact the following number

+90 (212) 454 2900 (Istanbul)
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