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06.06.2019Russia: SPIEF 2019 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum | 6–8 June 2019

Uplink Service

SPIEF 2019 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum | 6–8 June 2019

The St Petersburg meetings have become a good tradition. We value the forum’s atmosphere of trust and openness. Such a discussion and an informal dialogue are particularly important today when the environment for doing business and making investments, as well as everyday life, going through dynamic changes too.
(Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation)

Uplink Service LLC can provide services for this event:

- SNG+OB with 8 HD/SD cameras;
- Lighting facilities;
- Live positions and Studio productions;
- ENG crew: Program director, Cameraman, Soundman, Video Engineers, Technicians;
- Teleport (TVRO and TX/RX Ku-band antennas) and play out services;
- OU space segment (Eutelsat, Intelsat, Express, Yamal, Astra);
- WEB streaming and public internet signal transmission;
- Graphic design services;
- Commentary booths, studios, mixed zones, and flash zones;

For booking please contact us:
+7 925 544-87-91

Our company has gained experience in the production of more than 1000 broadcasts of sports, social, political, and cultural events in Russia and abroad. Uplink Service is the official technical partner of the Mexican TV channel TV AZTECA at the FIFA (Confederations Cup, Final Draw, and the World Cup as top event). We took an active part in the coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi (Fox, Globecast, Eurosport, NHK, CCTV as its customers). We are a close partner of such companies as NST (MATCH TV), Century XXL, Synterra Media, and Rostelecom.

We guarantee you individual approach, the quality of equipment and workmanship, professionalism, and responsiveness of employees.

Our participation in the SPIEF of previous years:

IHA News Agency

IHA is operational in St. Petersburg

-Stand-up facilities

-Studio facilities in Moscow -
-Stand-up facilities in Moscow -

Technical facilities on site
• Live Stand-up Positions
• Tape Playouts
• SD & HD availability
• Eutelsat 10A delivery

For Booking please contact the following number

+90 (212) 454 2900 (Istanbul)


Flycom is operational during this event upon request

-HD/SD SNG services with cameras
-Live standup services
-Tape playout
-Turnaround to any EU space
-Lighting facilities

For Booking please contact:


Ruptly offers the full range of production and broadcast facilities in St. Petersburg for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

- HD Stand-up positions inside the venue

- Fully redundant DSNG with all auxiliary equipment and staff

- ENG Crews (SD/HD - Full day/Half day - multi lingual staff)

- Rental of LiveU Units

- worldwide connectivity via fiber and satellite and 4G

For more information, rates and bookings:
+49 30 319872 620
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