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06.08.2015Gaza: Palestine Cup Championship Between Itihad Al Shegaiya and Ahli al Khalil *** ARCHIVE


"Ahli-alKhalil ", football Club arrived to Gaza Strip, From West Bank , Tuesday through Beit Hanoun "Erez" crossing. To play the first leg of the Cup Championship Palestine in the face of the club "Itihad Shijia" Gaza Strip Cup champion.

The Israeli occupation authorities announced earlier for refusing to grant the necessary permits for the two teams in order to run for two games Rapporteurs in the fourth, and the eighth of this month, and addressed the Palestinian Football Association evacuated the International Federation of Football "FIFA", calling for an end to the Israeli racist practices against Sports in Palestine.

It will be the first time from more than 15 years ago , that two time from Gaza and West bank will play together which gives the importance of the game .

The game will be in Thursday 6 of August , and will be played on Gaza Strip .

Links will operational there and will offer :
- Full coverage of the game .
- Live stand up from The Stadium .
- Camera crew , TPO , Rushes , fixer .

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