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11.02.2015United Arab Emirates: Dubai Camel Racing Season 2014-2015 (Week 25) *** ARCHIVE

Al Aan Media Services

The Marmoum Camel Racing Championship is back for another exciting season this 2015 with there being six different categories. The categories begin with the Marmoum Introductory Races followed by the Olders Distinction and Habilitation, the Youngs Distinction and Habilitation and the Hagaga Habilitation. Come join the races and experience one of the UAE’s oldest traditions.

Races begin at 7am and again at 2pm.

Al Aan TV Services are operational in UAE. We can provide the following facilities:

Alaan TV Services is a leading provider of a range of dynamic media broadcasting services.
OB facilities
SNG and Flyaway Services Satellite Telecommunications.
ENG Kits and crewing.
Provisioning of Broadcast Studios and Facilities
Broadcast Equipment for Hire.
Live Studio.
Space Segment.

24/7 Booking Contact:

GSM: +971 564747502 / 501625739
Tel: +971 44277868/879
Fax: +971 4 3915349
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