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05.09.2014Poland: Record-breaking windsurfing event at the National Stadium in Poland *** ARCHIVE

TVN News & Services Agency

Poland’s largest stadium is expected to set new record as the largest ever venue for indoor windsurfing event. 3,000 tons of water will fill the playing field, while 34 large blowers will create the wind. The pool itself will be 90 meters long and 33 wide. The event will mark a new record for indoor windsurfing with 40,000 seats available for spectators.

The PWA World Tour already confirmed that the National Stadium is hosting one of the tournament’s events, on Sept 5-7, 2014. PWA organizers assure they’re well aware of the ridicule from October 2012, when retractable roof wasn’t closed in time and the field was severely flooded by storm right before Poland-England game. The match was abandoned as drainage couldn’t cope with the amount of water. This earned the stadium a negative nickname of “National Pool” that’s often used by critics to this day.

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