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04.10.2013Switzerland: Swiss Basic Income Initiative *** ARCHIVE


The 116,000 signatures collected in Switzerland since April 2012 for the Basic INcome initiative for an will be handed over to the Swiss parliament. Because of this initiative, within 4 years every Swiss citizen will know the idea of unconditional basic income (UBI) and have to vote on whether they want or not a basic income. It will be the first time in history that the people of a country will be asked to make this choice. Organizers of the Swiss Basic Income Initiative have requested supporters to gather in the Swiss capital of Bern for the handover.

Ruptly will provide live coverage of the event @ the Bundesplatz in Bern:

The following facilities available on Friday October 4th
- stand-up positions for live programme inserts
- playout from clients own camera
- Uplink to Eutelsat

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