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Contact: Emmanuel Hiriart
Area: MEA-Europe
Office Tel: 0961100000
URL: blacklistfilms.org/showreel2013/

Services: Camera operator, director of photography, 15 years of experience for documentaries (Arte, Al Jazeera, FranceTV, ABC) shooting Raw ultra HD


Contact: Leon Manoukian
Area: MEA - Europe - Asia
Office Tel: 00961 1 255494
Mobile Tel: 009613743766
URL: www.broadmedia.me

Services: A 24/7 booking center providing crewing &p production services.

Future News TV

Contact: Banan Ghanem
Area: Beirut, Saida, Tripoli
Office Tel: 0096170704077
URL: www.future-news.tv

Services: Future News Provide Broadcast services ex Lebanon.

H.F Media AB

Contact: Helena Forsell
Area: Middle East
Office Tel: +96171859278
Mobile Tel: +46736159353

Services: Swedish Producer/reporter/ journalist/videophotographer with 10 year of experience, based in in Beirut, covering all Middle East.

MAzen Hashem

Area: Beirut
Office Tel: +9613689118
Mobile Tel: +9613689118
URL: www.mazenhachem.com

Services: I can provide a wide range of equipment and services for any type of production in Lebanon or overseas.


Area: Beirut, Lebanon
Office Tel: 00961 78 934555
Mobile Tel: 00961 70 122155
URL: www.mediacaster24.tv

Services: ENG Crews, SNG Vehicles, Flyaway system, Live Studios, Satellite Uplink, Editing & Post Production, TPO, Satellite Capacity & Microwave Link

Middle East Productions

Contact: Imogen Kimber
Area: Beirut
Office Tel: +961 7672 4201
URL: middleeastproductions.co.uk

Services: From a one person crew to a full scale operation, we can secure difficult access, find exclusive guests, deliver material or segments.

Mohamad Al Sayed

Area: Beirut
Office Tel: +96171174614
Mobile Tel: +96171174614

Services: Experienced cameraman/editor covering News & Current Affairs, available to shoot anywhere.


Area: Lebanon
Office Tel: +9613 382677 / +9613 622504

Services: Long experience in working with international correspondents. Crews, fixers, producers and translators available


Area: Lebanon and the Middle East
Office Tel: +9611999819
URL: www.newsgate.tv

Services: A 24/7 booking and coordination centre offering: ENG crew, reports, editing, playout.

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