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Videe (Madrid)

Videe (Madrid)

Videoidea Videe S.L.
C/ Miguel Yuste, 16. 2° D
ES - 28037 Madrid

Phone: +34 910 569 987

Studio Videe, located in the manufacturing heart of Madrid and close to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, offers our clients a complete post-production service for both small and large projects dealing with every aspect, from the soundtrack to video editing.

The post-production centre is a flexible, inspiring and customised space where we share our technical expertise, know-how and experience to enable our customers add a unique value to their audio video creations.

Thanks to its cutting edge technology, it's the ideal place to edit, post produce, get the best images, the desired colour and the most fascinating sound in order to turn every projects into acclaimed histories of success.

The centre offers the following facilities:

4 x EDITING ROOMS equipped with Intel Xeon 24 core console, 32 Gb RAM, Avid media composer 8.6.5, Avid Nitrix DX, Monitor Sony Trimaster, audio mixer Yamaha MH10, Nvidia Quadro K4000 - 4 Gb.

1 x 5.1 AUDIO ROOM for 5.1 sound editing and mastering, equipped with HP Z820 Intel Xeon console 24 core, 16 Gb RAM, Avid Media composer 8.6.5, Protools 12, Artist Mix Avid console, Nvidia Quadro K4000.

1 x AUDIO BOOTH for the recording of digital audio, be it stereo or 5.1 surround. This room is connected to the other studios enabling for an efficient and streamlined workflow.

1 x STEREO MIXER featuring Intel Xeon 12 core console, 16 Gb RAM, Avid media composer 8.6.5, Protools 11, Avid Artist Mix, monitor Sony Trimaster, Nvidia Quadro K2000, Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K.

1 x VISION ROOM equipped with Intel Xeon 24 core console, 32 Gb RAM, Avid media composer 8.6.5 with Symphony option, Boris plugin, Avid Nitrix and Artist Color, monitor Sony Trimaster.

1 x COLOR CORRECTION ROOM equipped with Intel Xeon 20 core, 128 Gb RAM, Nvidia Quadro M6000, Davinci Resolve 14, Avid media composer 8.6.5 with Symphony option, LG Oled 4K monitor, mixer audio Yamaha MH10.

1 x GRAPHICS ROOM featuring Intel Core I7 console, 32 Gb Ram, Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M, Viz artist 3.9.1, Adobe CC2018, Fusion 9, Blender 2.79

1 x SERVER & CONTROL ROOM equipped with Avid ISIS 5000 – 64 TB, Avid interplay server, audio/video/network and fiber patch panel, QNAP TS-EC1680U – 160 TB.
1 x CHROMA KEY STUDIO for live and recorded productions: a 40 square meter own studio with the best technology in lighting and acoustic performance. Adjacent is a control room with view of the studio which allows for best and on-time management of your audio video projects.

Get in touch for enquiries and bookings:

Phone: +34 910 569 987

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