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Booking & Support: 00961 78 934 555
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Operations & Live Studios:
5th floor SAGA Bldg, Bechara el Khoury, Damascus Road, Beirut Central District, Lebanon
Telephone: 00961 1 334117  /  00961 1 334118

Head Office:
LG1 Floor, Z366 Building, Beaout Main Road, Zalka, El Metn, Lebanon
Telephone: 00961 1 889405

MediaCaster24 is a fast growing high end Broadcast Services & Media Production Company, offering advanced, reliable, flexible and scalable broadcasting services to television channels, newsgathering organizations, production companies as well as corporate clients.

Our mission is to respond to customers’ specific needs, delivering the very best service even under critical conditions such as crises or disasters.

We value our customers and the people we work with and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations in providing them with the most up-to-date knowledge and a premium service.

Our Booking & Coordination Center along with our MCR are managed and operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to provide the fully needed support and to coordinate and secure the execution of a successful job achievement every time.

We are confident that we can meet your demands, even at short notice.

MediaCaster24 provides premium level of Broadcast and TV Production Services such as fully equipped Live Position Studios, Production Facility, DSNG Vehicles, Flyaway SNG Systems, Satellite Uplinks, ENG Crews, Satellite Capacity, Live Events & News Coverage, Editing & Post Production, Content Delivery, etc.

- Live Studios: Our studios are fully equipped with the latest in digital video, audio and lighting. We also offer “Live Stand Up” with amazing background view of Beirut Downtown district.

- SNG Vehicles: Our mobile SNG Units are fully equipped with the latest technology, Auto Pointing Antennas, Full Redundant Systems, multiple path HD/SD, etc..

- Flyaway systems: We offer compact truly portable flyaway SNGs and quick deploy SNG systems that are IATA compliant and can be checked-in on any commercial airline as standard baggage.

- Satellite Uplink: Our facility is equipped with the latest technology & full redundant KU band uplink systems in order to respond to customers various needs and available satellite bandwidth.

- ENG Crews: Our experienced ENG Crews are friendly and trained to cooperate with our clients’ reporters/ producers to deliver a fine End Product.

- Editing & Post Production: Our creative editors are fast and accurate willing to work under pressure to deliver the needed content at the highest production standards.

- Playout services: We offer Playout & Content Delivery over the Satellite or using high-speed internet transfer.

- Satellite Capacity: Depending on our customers’ needs, we can arrange the needed Satellite Capacity even at short notice and at the best rates.

- Microwave Links: We provide a wide range of portable or fixed type DVB Microwave Links for permanent or occasional use.

Our Team
MediaCasters24 team of professionals are highly experienced Broadcast Engineers, Production Experts, Fast & Creative Editors and Qualified ENG Crews.

Our crew members have a long term experience in the TV News Production and Broadcasting industry in order to guarantee the delivery of the highest quality content.

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