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Diversified Communications, Inc (DCI) (Washington DC)

dciDiversified Communications, Inc.
2000 M St NW, Suite 340
Washington DC 20036


24/7 Booking:

Field Transmission: Bob Zajko

Crews, Studio, and Live Positions: Jamie Norins

DCI is your solutions provider in Washington, DC and beyond for Global IP, video production and satellite and fiber transmission services. Whether your needs call for a Satellite Media Tour, Live Reporter Stand-Up, Corporate Meeting, or an event where Internet connections are not available, DCI has the resources to provide Internet anywhere and get your signal sent to anywhere on the Globe.

DCI has unparalleled connectivity in the Washington, DC region and has been a trusted provider for all major U.S. Domestic Networks such as CBS, FOX and NBC as well as many International Networks such as EBU Eurovision, AFPTV, and NHK for over 30 years. Our ability to provide IP, Satellite, and Fiber connectivity directly to the White House, Capital Hill, The Pentagon, and U.S. Supreme Court make DCI the provider of choice when it comes to all major U.S. Political Events.

Stand-up Positions

DCI offers News Organizations stand-up positions and crewing for reporters to go live from The White House and US Capitol as well as other locations around Washington DC.

Postions at The White House include The North Lawn, The Briefing Room, The “Stake Out”, The Rose Garden, The East Room, and The Roosevelt Room. Reporters are required to be approved by The White House press office.

Positions at The US Capitol include the Russel and Cannon Rotundas, Statuary Hall, as well as outside positions including The West Front, Swamp and Elm Positions.

DCI also offers stand-ups in front of The Supreme Court and the Briefing Room of The Pentagon.

Contact DCI for details on our fiber network and standup positions.

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DCI Diversified
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