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Celebro Media Studios (Washington DC, New York, Miami, Hollywood)

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Our state-of-the-art studios are located in prime city centre locations in Washington D.C., New York, Hollywood and Miami. We have a range of different types of studio to suit your needs whether you are making a chat show or a live news show.

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to offer you some of the highest levels of automation you will find in a studio anywhere in the world. As well as studios for hire, all our sites offer large, well-equipped newsrooms, edit suites and technical excellence.


Celebro Media INC (USA),
1620 i Street NW, 10th Floor,
Washington D.C., 20006

Tel: +1 (202) 800-5575

Our D.C. is famous across the world. Ever seen a reporter standing in front of the White House? Chances are that was using Celebro's facilities. Our 'White House Studio' offers panoramic views of the White House along with space for up to 200 journalists. As well as a fully automated four camera studio - we have multiple inject studios overlooking the home of the US President. We are home to broadcasters such as Al Jazeera, Fox, CNN, BBC and 80 other broadcasters from around the world.

  • Rooftop studios
  • Live positions
  • DTL studio
  • Green screen
  • Newsroom

Celebro Media: live broadcast studio in Washington D.C.


1221 Brickell Avenue, 9th Floor

Tel: +1202 800 5575

Our Miami studio is a single camera robotic facility overlooking the iconic Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami. Known as the 'Wall Street of the South' - Brickell is the heart of the Miami business district and the gateway to business in Latin America. We can also provide ENG crews and location lives in Miami.

We can also provide bureau services such as desks, office space, meeting rooms and business centre services. Speak to Celebro today about making our Miami bureau into YOUR bureau.

Celebro Media Miami: live broadcast studio.


6430 Sunset Blvd #1105,
Los Angeles, CA 90028,
Estados Unidos

Tel: +1 202 403 2273

Celebro's L.A. studio is based in Hollywood's heart; Sunset Boulevard and offers direct uninterrupted views to the Hollywood sign. We have a 5 camera robotic studio with a manned jib for sweeping shots over the Hollywood Hills. We have unrivalled connectivity and can offer live hits starting from 15 mins.

Celebro Media: live broadcast studio in Hollywood.

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