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ALICE (Berlin)

Worldwide News Operations

With more than 26 years of experience in correspondent offices and breaking news operations, ALICE provides daily outstanding services to more than 50 broadcasters around the globe.

Worldwide services
  • ENG teams
  • 4G backpacks
  • DSNG’s
  • Offices in 22 cities across 9 countries
  • EDIT work stations
  • Hot desks
  • DSNG’s
  • TV studios in Washington DC, Brussels, Madrid and Barcelona
  • Journalists

Berlin office

ALICE's new office, located right in the midst of the Berlin's financial and political hub, a few meters from the Bundestag, the Government Chancellery and Friedrichstraße Bahnhof, offers the perfect workspace both for permanent and special correspondents sent to the German capital.

A highly versatile designed space where journalists can use the office throughout the day as a base where to work, write, get phone calls and packages as well as a safe place where to leave computers and equipment. An IP-connected chroma-key studio in the same office, available under a several Berlin background options, is also radically helping in a regular work day in the city for any special or Berlin-Based correspondents.


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