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Actual News
Actual News
Teterinskiy Pereulok, 4 c!
Moscow 109004

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Actual News provides Television News-gathering production (tape and live) in the following international cities, primarily in Russia. Its facilities will provide support to Overseas correspondents assigned to these cities. Moscow, Sochi, St, Petersburg, and other Russian cities.

Actual News offers a fully-equipped studio with lights for better image, professional video camera with a special background, connected to LiveU / TVU or any other unit you prefer.

  • Direct translating room for your Russian native speaker guests.
  • Dedicated producer for communication with the guests.
  • Dedicated cameramen for maintenance service of the Studio.
  • Our co-working space is located in center of Moscow and it is easy to reach in a short time from any place in Moscow.
  • Organization and coordination transport for guests to the location for DTL and back in time.
  • Dedicated cars are ready to transport guests from their places to the Studio and get them back.
  • Equipped lounge to host guests

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