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South Africa: Telemedia

We have a fully equipped Teleport services for major satellite operators.

17 9th Ave,
South Africa

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+27 11 803 3353

Telemedia was founded in 1981 with a focus on the supply, installation and service support for radio and television broadcasting equipment. Since then Telemedia has evolved into a broad-based media broadcast facility providing a sophisticated and versatile product range.

Our strategy to invest in infrastructure ensures that we have acquired state-of-the-art equipment in Satellite transmission, radio and television signal distribution, microwave and SNG services, studio production services to mention a few of our areas of expertise.

We have a fully equipped Teleport in Rivonia with registered uplink and downlink services for major satellite operators.

Our MCR sports the latest monitoring and routing equipment that is capable of managing various video feeds for our clients. Our dish farm contains fixed and steerable dishes which includes 42 C-¬Band and Ku-¬Band up to 9.3 Metres in diameter. In addition, we manage our own Fibre Optic network in the Johannesburg area, this network can deliver IP data; encoded ASI and uncompressed HD video signals.

The above mentioned offers you:

  • Connectivity and broadcasting solutions throughout the world
  • Connectivity to all major broadcasters and production houses
  • FTP Solutions
  • Web Streaming Solutions
  • Broadcasting and Teleport Services


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