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We can provide to our customers more than 60 SNG trucks, which are based in the major cities all over Europe. Our antennas fleet also includes fly-aways so that we can provide a satellite solution wherever our clients need it.

Overon has a wide fleet of SNG trucks which are located in many European countries: Spain, Greece, France, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia.

All our SNGs are fully redundant and most of them are equipped with the most cutting edge technology (HD and UHD uplinks, BISS CA encryption, multiple configuration options such as 1+1, 2+1, 2+2,etc).

For enquiries please contact our Planning Desk:

- Email:
- Telephone: +34 918377550

Our mobile units are also equipped with up-to-date equipment to meet the production and transmission requirements of any type of turn-key services, becoming a one-stop-shop supplier.

For transmission and production events, you can contact our Special Events Department:

Overon global centres with SNG satellite trucks.

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