Broadcast Services Directory

IPN International Press News Agency

Primary Contact:
Tel.:+49 30 588 72 251 (GR)
Tel.: +49 157 371 42 235 (ENG/GR/TR)

Secondary Contact:
Tel.: +49 177 788 46 34 (TR/GR)

Our team of permanent and freelance staff consists of writers, editors, Producers, cinematographers, editors, moderators, speakers and technicians.

Our transportable, digital Flyaway system is designed to be transported quickly wherever there is news to be covered. Our Flyaway system provides convenient broadcasting services to even extremely remote locations, in a short time and at reasonable cost.
SNG Truck
With a capacity of up to four camera broadcasting SD/HD SNG Truck we provide comprehensive solutions to numerous satellite uplink and production needs.
Earth Station, SNG Satellite Uplink
Through our stable SNG System with a 2.40 m Channel Master Antenna installed at our head-office we can provide 24 hour ready uplink service.


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