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International Media Services Inc

International Media Services Inc
Broadcast Services: Pacific Rim and Beyond (North and South America, Latin America, Mexico, Japan, China, Korea Europe and India). SNG, OB Vans, Fly-aways, Production Flight Packs, ENG Crews, Production Crews, Teleport Services, Fiber and IP transmission.

International Media Services Inc Corporate Address:
3017 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 201C
Santa Monica, California 90404


Telephone: + 81 90 4131 1517
Web Address:

Based in Southern California, the offices and personnel of IMS Inc. are ideally situated to work in multiple time zones throughout the day. Through our in-house production and transmission facilities, IMS Inc is able to provide the end user with unsurpassed broadcast quality at a price that will make the production accountant happy. On time and on budget, IMS Inc. is your first choice for end to end production and transmission services throughout the Pacific Rim and beyond.

Additional Services Provided by International Media Services Inc. Throughout the Pacific Rim and Beyond

  • Ku and C Band Uplink Trucks in HD or SD
  • KU and C Band Fly-away Units in HD or SD
  • HD or SD Multi Camera Production Vehicles / Flight Packs
  • World Wide Satellite and Fiber Circuits
  • Occasional and Fulltime Satellite Capacity Sales
  • Host Broadcasting Services for Political Summits and Sporting Events
  • On-site Technical Management
  • Breaking News Coverage and Emergency Response
  • ENG Camera Crews
  • Production and Transmission Personnel Staffing
  • Multi-lingual Production and Tech Personnel
  • Video Tape Play-out or Studio Facility Bookings
  • On Camera Reporting Services (Multi-lingual)
  • Internet and Web Productions

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