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DVB d.o.o
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Daniel Cof:
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DVB Production Company was established in 2007. It recognized that there was a need for high quality and flexible disposable mobile unit services due to the fast growing and continuous expansion of new programs and own production of TV stations .
With professional and dedicated attitude to each client, with own experienced team and modern technological equipment, DVB guarantee for high quality services.

DVB have established themselves as one of the leading live production specialists in the region. They have exceptional experience in broadcasting and have been entrusted with a large variety of high profile events including UEFA Champions League, UEFA EURO Futsal 2018, CEV EURO Volleyball 2019 and other European live sport events, concerts and comic series for National and commercial TV stations. DVB’s project portfolio is continuously growing and their reputation for reliability and professionalism is second to none.

DSNG - 1

Drive-away system: GIGASAT DA-150
Autopoint kontroler: GIGASAT STC-100
Power amplifier: 2x TWT MCL-400W
Encoder: 2x ERICSSON AVP-3000 (L-Band output, DVB-S/S2, BISS, RASS, MPEG-2/4, 4:2:2)
IRD: 2x ERICSSON RX8200, 1x Novelsat 3000
Spectrum analyser: HAMEG HMS-3G,KWS VAROS 109

Power generator: HONDA EU50i
Equipment needed for stand-up position

OB 1

Cameras: 2x Sony HDC3300R Superslow
12x Sony HDC 3100, 2x IndieCam + Bradley Remote camera system
Lenses: 8x standard (22x), 2x Tele (99x), 2x Tele (90x),
4x Wide (4.5x)
Recording system:1x Sony XDS-1000, 2x Grass Valley K2 Dyno video replay (6in, 4out), 1x Sony PDW-F1600
Video console: Sony MVS-3000, Fully loaded
Audio: Studer Vista5 (256 DSP channel). 4x Sennheiser SKM 6000, 16x Sennheiser MKH 416…Intercom: ClearCom 36port, 5x ClearCom Tempest Wireless system, Prodys IP hybrid.

OB 2

Cameras: 5 x Sony HDC-1700, 1 x Sony HDC3300R Superslow
Lenses: 4x standard (22x), 1x tele (99x), 4x wide (4,5; 4,8; 6.0; 4,7)
Recording system: 1x Grass Valley K2 Dyno video replay (6in, 4out), 1x Sony PDW-F1600
Video console: Ross Carbonite Black 2S
Video matrix: Ross Ultrix 32×32
Audio: Yamaha QL1 (64 MADI I/O, 32 AES Inputs, Dante)
2x Sennheiser SKM 6000, 6x Sennheiser MKH 416…
Intercom: AEQ Kroma, 3x Riedel Bolero Wireless system, Prodys IP hybrid.

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