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Diversified Communications, Inc (DCI)

dciDiversified Communications, Inc.
2000 M St NW, Suite 340
Washington DC 20036


24/7 Booking:

Field Transmission: Bob Zajko

Crews, Studio, and Live Positions: Jamie Norins

DCI is your solutions provider in Washington, DC and beyond for Global IP, video production and satellite and fiber transmission services. Whether your needs call for a Satellite Media Tour, Live Reporter Stand-Up, Corporate Meeting, or an event where Internet connections are not available, DCI has the resources to provide Internet anywhere and get your signal sent to anywhere on the Globe.

DCI has unparalleled connectivity in the Washington, DC region and has been a trusted provider for all major U.S. Domestic Networks such as CBS, FOX and NBC as well as many International Networks such as EBU Eurovision, AFPTV, and NHK for over 30 years. Our ability to provide IP, Satellite, and Fiber connectivity directly to the White House, Capital Hill, The Pentagon, and U.S. Supreme Court make DCI the provider of choice when it comes to all major U.S. Political Events.

SNG Provider
DCI is one of the oldest SNG providers in the United States with over 30 years of continual operation. 

A recent trend in the SNG industry has been for smaller, compact uplink trucks. DCI has you covered there too, but for working a large event, there is nothing like the capability of a full-size satellite truck. And we set out to build one that is like nothing else on the road with extensive transmission capacity and redundancy- even extending to the generator! Our full size truck has features that make it perfect for everything from REMI “At Home” backhauls to Media Tours, to extended major news events and on-site production. Extensive workspace, amenities, and monitoring ensure your crew will be comfortable with a clear view. The flexibility of a C band uplink gives enhanced rain fade protection and availability of space on days when breaking news fills the Ku band spectrum.

DCI satellite truck

DCI Van at the International Monetary Fund's Spring 2019 Meetings

Pool cameras transmitted through a DCI satellite truck

DCI Flyaway
DCI’s primary flyaway system is built on a customized Norsat SecurLink reflector, modified with leg-mounted redundant 400w BUCs. This system can be carried as checked baggage and deployed in the back of a pickup truck, allowing a fast-deploy, worldwide transmission platform. Our flyaway has dozens of international deployments for both breaking news and planned events, with a perfect record of successful broadcasts. It is compatible with DCI’s IP by Satellite service, along with video transmission.

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