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10 000 Zagreb

Bookings: + 385 1 455 2000
Fax: + 385 1 455 2020


CROATEL has five regional TV News Production Studios with fixed satellite uplink stations in the following cities:

  • Dubrovnik
  • Split
  • Rijeka
  • Osijek
  • Zadar

Our main office is in Zagreb with turnover capabilities on any satellite in Ku band

ENG crew on request with Sony DVcam DSR 400,Sony DXC-D50 with DVcam recorder or Sony CineAlta with Canon HD lens HJ11x4,7  cameras, lighting set etc. in all the above mentioned locations..

We can provide you HD DSNG trucks:

HD/SD DSNG - List of equipment

HD 1+1 configuration
SD  1+1 configuration

- Tandberg E 5788 encoders x 2
MPEG 2 HD format

with option DVB-S2 modulation
with option 8PSK
encryption BISS
with option Dolby AC-3

- Tandberg RX 1290 all formats decoder x 2
MPEG 2 HD format
with option MPEG 4 HD
with option Dolby AC-3
with option DVB-S2 modulation
with option 8PSK

-Tandberg TT 1260 decoder x 2
MPEG 2 SD format
with option DVB-S2 modulation
with option 8PSK

- RF Equipment
TWTA Xicom 2 x 400W Unit
Miteq upconverter D 9796 extended Ku band 13.75 GHz - 14.8 GHz  x 2

- Antenna Andrew 1,8 meter Cassegrain with subreflector

-Monitors x 3 VUTRIX  24” HD/SD SDI Quad Displays

Yamaha Digital Audio Mixer 01V96
Panasonic HD/SD Video Mixer AV-HS300G
Miranda DENSITE with options Reference modul

10-Bit Composite to SDI Decoder
Frame Sync
SDI to Composite/CAV/RGB Encoder
Analog Video DA x 2
HD/SD SDI Video DA with EQ x 3
Dual (stereo) Analog Audio DA
AES DA 110 ohms x 2
HD Downconverter & DA with Analog outputs
HD/SD SDI Digital Video Control Probe

Cameras x 3 GrassValley LDK 8000 with Canon Digisuper 22 xs HD Lenses
Sony HDCAM Recorder HDW1800
Sony Digital Betacam Player J-30
ISDN Codec Glensound GS-1U050
Intercom Glensound GS-FW024
Microphone preamplifier and headphone preamplifier Glensound GS-CU004
Honda generator 5,5 KVA
List of the countries for operation (can be extended):

  • Croatia,
  • Slovenia,
  • Serbia,
  • Bosnia&Hercegovina,
  • Hungary,
  • Germany , 
  • Austria,
  • Italy ,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Slovakia,
  • Romania
  • Montenegro
  • Albania on request)

Unilateral position available on request with camera, cameraman + IFB kit
All information about our DSNG vans CRO 002, CRO 005 and CRO 007 can be found on our web page


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