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Global Link

 Global Link
Switzerland: SNG uplink - Studio in Geneva - ENG camera crew - OB van for live event transmissions



Global Link AG
Kirchbergstrasse 105
CH-3401 Burgdorf

Tel: +41 32 387 30 70
Fax +41 32 387 30 78


  • SNG Service
  • ENG Service
  • Studio (Geneva) with permanent link to the EBU
  • Live Stand Up Service
  • 4 SNG- vehicles and 1 Fly away system
  • 2 OB Vans
  • Wireless equipment (COFDM)
  • Radio links
  • NEW: Aviwest 3G news broadcast! (for customers equiped with Aviwest Rx server)

Global Link AG is a provider for SNG applications.

It manages a fleet of 4 SNG vehicles and one fly away system. The operation range Global Link covers is mainly Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein and also parts of France, Germany, Austria and Italy (further locations on demand).

 OB Vans are available for any TV productions and contains up to 5 cameras. They are equipped with a communication matrix (also reporter units),   harddisk lsm and a graphic system (XPression).

See OB spec document:

All SNGs are equipped with a 1+1 (up to 2+2) redundancy system, IFB dial-ins and have different playout facilities. (SX, SP; Digi Beta, IMX, DVCpro, DVCam).

ENG Crews operate standalone or in combination with SNG services (Press conferences, live hits, stand-ups).

Global Link also offers wireless applications (COFDM based - a large amount of Tandberg / BMS equipment) from a single camera link up to complex solutions with helicopter cameras and relays.

At the home base Global Link runs its own service department, which designs and build the specific equipment needed for extreme conditions encounters in the field.

Global Link is able to supply a disaster area with mobile radio systems. (telephon, data and video)


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