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SNG Services in Gaza, Palestine

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Tel: 00972 82827146

Mob: 00970 597139313 / 00970 595577026

Gaza Capital Studios

GCS is a multi-national TV broadcast Services Company with experience in the media production market, with headquarters in Gaza, Palestine, and other representation offices in many other countries.

We provide services in the Middle East, GCS is also a registered company in Palestine, and registered with many major satellite and services providers in the region.

GCS is operational in Palestine | Israel | Beirut | Amman | Damascus | Iraq | KSA | UAE | Doha | Kuwait | Yemen | Cairo | Sudan | Libya | Tunisia | Morocco | Turkey | Tehran | Islamabad | Kabul | Moscow | Paris.


Gaza Strip 

  • 2 SNG Trucks (Dual Path each) SD/HD
  • 2 Flyaway ( Dual Path each) SD/HD
  • 2 Fixed stations
  • Live Studios with live view background (Gaza Seaport)
  • Live Stand up (Roof Top with city view)
  • 5 Camera Crews (all formats PAL, NTSC)

Ramallah, Nazareth & Jerusalem

  • Fixed SNG SD/HD
  • Mobile SNG Truck SD/HD
  • Live studio with live view background
  • Live Stand up (Roof Top with city view)
  • 5 camera crews (all formats PAL, NTSC)
  • Fiber connectivity between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Live transmission facilities in Palestine and Gaza. GCS provides live stand-up and SNG truck in Gaza and Palestine.
GCS supplies live stand-up facilities in Gaza and Palestine. GCS provides live transmission and production facilities in Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Our Crews:

Fully qualified and equipped crews, used to work under pressure and any circumstances, our crews include:

  • SNG engineers
  • Cameramen
  • Soundmen
  • Editors
  • Producers
  • Translators
  • Fixers

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