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Middle East: ABS Network

Outside Broadcast (OB) facilities are offered by ABS Network from its headquarters in Amman, Jordan. Other offices are in: Beirut-Lebanon,Dubai-United Arab Emirates, Baghdad and Irbil-Iraq, Cairo-Egypt,Tunis-Tunisia, Manama-Bahrain,Istanbul–Turkey,and Palestine.

Jordan Office
2nd circle – Jabal Amman Building No. 122

To make a booking:
MOB: +905 444 417 666
For emergency: +90 (544) 441 86 66 Zaid Nakai /+971 55 661 7077 Rani Nawaiseh

ABS Network - headquartered in Amman, Jordan - is a leading broadcasting corporation in the Middle East and North Africa.

Founded in 1993, ABS has gone on building its unique capabilities by combining experienced personnel and professional expertise supported by the latest production and transmission equipments including more than 20 brand new fly-drive SNGs and TEN fully-equipped bureaus in Bahrain, Iraq (Baghdad, green zone and Erbil), Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (Ramallah and Gaza), Tunisia, UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Turkey and The United States (Washington DC).

We offer customers in Amman full Outside Broadcast (OB) facilities, as well as SNG and flyaway services, Teleport services, camera crews and broadcast studios.

History and Achievements
Covering major events in the region including:

- 2014 Wars ( Israel–Gaza conflict ), Egyptians Elections, Tunisian Elections, Geneva II Conference on Syria , Pope visit to Jordan and Palestine

- 2013 Friends of Syria , World economic forum Davos, Arab summits, IPI World Congress

- 2012 Baghdad Summit, Obama visits to Jordan, Obama Visits to Ramallah and Israel , John Kerry to return to the Middle East: Visits to Jordan & Israel

- 2011 Arab Spring (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria), CivilWars ( Syrian , Libyan )

- 2009 Afghanistan Elections
- 2008 Amman Bombings
- 2006 Lebanon War
- 2003 Iraq invasion



ABS Network provides its clients with all broadcasting and production services including ENG crews, picture editing, news packages, fresh rushes, documentary, live studios, OB Vans and portable (2- 9 )cameras, tape play out, mobile/ FA SNGs, production facilities (fixers, producers, transportations, and archive) and satellite capacities.

ABS major clients:

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