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OB van production in Greece, Albania, Kosovo, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

6, Venizelou str.
59200 Naoussa

Konstantinos Liliamtis
Mob.: +30 6977 34 0012
Popi Tsagaridou
ENGs Secretarial Support
Mob.: +30 697 403 1418 / +30 6977 34 0012 / +30 697 403 1418
General Requests:
Tel: +30 23320 25698 or +30 23320 52033


OB van hire in Greece from ENGs broadcast services.

OB van hire in Greece from ENGs. Outside Broadcast production van from ENGs in Greece.

SNG Services

ENGs provides SNG satellite trucks in Athens, Thessaloniki and Greece nationwide. Flyaway antennas are supplied for hire by ENGs in Greece.
DSNG flyaway in Greece provided by ENGs. SNG uplink trucks for hire in Greece from ENGs, a broadcast services supplier.

Based in Naoussa, 60 miles from Thessaloniki, a half-hour drive from the F.Y.R.O.M. border, and a few hours' drive from all the Balkans countries' capitals, we offer a fast response to breaking news.

We employ highly-experienced personnel, having covered almost all the world's major events that have happened during the last decade - from the Bosnia and Kosovo wars, FYROM crisis, to the Afganistan and Iraq wars - we can guarantee quality of service.

We provide full HD-SNG & ENG Services as well as Broadcast equipment hire:

  • 3 HD SNG's and 1 fly away (plate diameter 2.4m)
  • Full redundant extended Ku band DSNG (71,5 dBW EIRP), with remux ability (multipath) in 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 formats.
  • Terrestrial microwave link ELBER PCL.
  • Downlink and onpass facilities
  • On-board editing (for every format needed, available upon request)
  • 4 ENG (P2 format) / EFP crews
  • Field Producers/Fixers

Areas of operation are Greece, Albania, Kosovo, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bulgaria and Cyprus - amongst others.

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