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M-Three satcom

M-Three satcom
Occasional Use capacity on Fibre and Satellite networks

Giglio Group Spa Piazza Diaz 6 - 20123 Milano 
M-Three Teleport Milano Via Brianza, 15 San Giuliano – 20098 Milano 
M-Three Teleport Roma Via Cornelia, 498 - 00166 Roma
Booking centre

tel. +39 02 8987 8997

MCR 24/7
tel. +39 02 9828 4013

Occasional Use capacity on Fibre and Satellite networks

Through long term agreements with major fibre and satellite operators, M-Three provides occasional and permanent use capacity on fibre and satellite networks, for worldwide coverage, in every required configuration.

Available Resources - Satellite
OU Satellite capacity with booking on a pay per minute basis
From 4,5 Mhz to full transponder in various orbital positions
Eutelsat Ka Sat 9 A service including fibre IP delivery on a pay per GB basis,
Middle and Long term booking available for special events
24/7 Booking center and MCR for support and troubleshooting

Available Resources - Fibre Network
Connecting most City centres all over Europe and world wide
Leased lines from E1 to Gbe and STM1/4/16/64
IP Backbone access with CBR and Burst capacity
Network management and global NOC

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