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 NEP Connect
NEP Connect is a leading broadcast connectivity supplier, offering an innovative portfolio of products and services. The company operates a comprehensive Anylive® fibre and satellite network that includes global distribution, streaming services and IP provision.

Contact: Helen Jeffrey, Head of Sales, Occasional Use

Tel: +44 (0)1908 855656


The company’s rapidly growing international fibre network, Anylive® connects over 160 locations including broadcasters, major switching centres, channel aggregators and sports venues. NEP Connect operates two Network Operation Centres located in the UK, collocated with NEP Connect teleports which supply extensive satellite facilities to complete the connectivity offering.

With a large fleet of hybrid satellite and fibre vehicles, SNG and IP uplinks and a full range of staff and equipment, we are confident that we can meet your demands, even at short notice.

Our satellites are chosen for optimum coverage and immediate availability at the best rates for you.

We have permanently leased space on five satellites and operate our own multi-satellite iDirect hubs. This means we’ll always have enough capacity to handle distribution and contribution feeds. And we have access to more, for guaranteed bandwidth for satellite internet access with our satellite internet and streaming services, live breaking news or a major sports event.

We have in-house premium capacity immediately available and can source additional capacity from all major satellite providers including ABS, Eutelsat, Intelsat and SES.

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