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Internet Delivery Network


Built to help you maximize content value

In today’s market of fragmented audiences and huge volumes of content to choose from, infrastructure expense must be in line with revenue opportunity. Telstra’s Internet Delivery Network is a software-based content delivery platform designed to enable high quality video delivery and control of live broadcast stream to any Telstra-registered destination point, across the public internet.

Live IP Broadcast
Designed to be flexible, scalable and easy to use, all while delivering the highest quality picture with low latency.

OTT Live/On demand App & STB
An integrated system designed to deliver live, on demand, or catch up to anywhere and on any device, including STBs, with zero capex and lower cost of ownership.

IP Network
Proprietary distribution network supporting the transit of broadcast quality live signals or files (SD-8K) across network topology.

IP Transit
Designed to be a resilient, scalable and diverse internet network connected with major ISPs, cloud, and CDN providers.

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