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Satellite trucks | Production vehicles | Camera crews

SNG BROADCAST are experienced in providing equipment and crews with rapid response to breaking news. Our satellite trucks, production vehicles and LiveU crews are based in the North and South of England and we cover all areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Ka-sat-flyaway-UK IP-Uplink-UK.

  • Dual path – two separate IP feeds via one satellite truck.
  • Fully equipped LiveU crews with camera, lights, tripods & mics.
  • Cellular mobile & Ka satellite bonding.
  • On-pass to BT Tower (London)
  • HD vision mixer for single or multiple cameras.
  • Gigawave radio camera.
  • Teleprompter.
  • Wifi internet access.
  • Cobham 1.2m flyaway system for remote locations.
IP_uplink IP-uplink

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