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Schillerpromenade 8
16540 Hohen Neuendorf

Andreas Hill
+49 178 755 15 44

We offer:

  • ENG crews with LiveU (4G and 5G)
  • Stand-ups
  • Mobile multicamera production with internet streaming
  • English speaking crew
  • Mobile Editing

Situated near Berlin we cover Germany and nearby countries. With more than 20 years in the business, you can rely on our expertise.

Accreditation for the German Bundestag and all ministries are available.

Live KA-sat uplink in Germany.
LiveU streaming and KA-sat transmission in Berlin and Germany.
Live streaming with newscamera.
Live production in Berlin using KA-sat and LiveU video transmissions.
KA-Sat transmissions from newscamera.
newscamera: live broadcast transmission solutions.

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