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Globecast helps you to address the worldwide rapidly developing webcast market.

Globecast Ad Hoc Bookings in Paris
Tel: + 33 1 44 61 47 00


With our position as a leading global SNG provider, coupled with streaming technology, Globecast is positioned to provide broadcasters turnkey solutions via satellite, fiber or streaming.

As broadcasters are seeking innovative ways to stand out from the competition and deliver content to ever-expanding audiences, our product Globecast for Events – an adapted IP solution - can be used from all Globecast locations.

This “one stop shopping” solution is an undeniable added-value to current Contribution & Events offers. It allows clients to get multicast distribution on any screen, including an IP feed broadcast which can be embedded into each client’s web portal during the event.

We can manage live streaming or VOD (and monetization) in encoding profiles for Flash (PC and Android 2.x) and HLS (Apple iOS devices, Android 4.x devices, Smart TVs…)

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