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Diversified Communications, Inc (DCI)

dciDiversified Communications, Inc.
2000 M St NW, Suite 340
Washington DC 20036


24/7 Booking:

Field Transmission: Bob Zajko

Crews, Studio, and Live Positions: Jamie Norins

DCI is your solutions provider in Washington, DC and beyond for Global IP, video production and satellite and fiber transmission services. Whether your needs call for a Satellite Media Tour, Live Reporter Stand-Up, Corporate Meeting, or an event where Internet connections are not available, DCI has the resources to provide Internet anywhere and get your signal sent to anywhere on the Globe.

DCI has unparalleled connectivity in the Washington, DC region and has been a trusted provider for all major U.S. Domestic Networks such as CBS, FOX and NBC as well as many International Networks such as EBU Eurovision, AFPTV, and NHK for over 30 years. Our ability to provide IP, Satellite, and Fiber connectivity directly to the White House, Capital Hill, The Pentagon, and U.S. Supreme Court make DCI the provider of choice when it comes to all major U.S. Political Events.

Broadcast Video and Remote IP Services

DCI is proud to operate cutting-edge Novelsat NS3000 IP modems in our teleport and field uplinks.

As a fully-integrated provider of dedicated-bandwidth satellite IP services, owning our own teleport, trucks/flypacks, and modem hardware DCI has complete control over the entire transmission chain, ensuring the highest possible quality. Capable of supporting up to 100 MBPS full duplex over a single transponder on a satellite, the NS3000 modem is highly adaptable, allowing adaptive coding, automatic margin control (uplink power control), even simultaneous DVB video and IP within the same carrier. XipLink bandwidth optimization technology allows full utilization of available bandwidth.

For situations where sending our trucks or a flyaway is not practical, we provide modem rental and on-site engineering support at any uplink facility. Contact us for more on how this powerful system can be used to provide enterprise-grade IP connectivity anywhere in the world.

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