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ATV Broadcast Solutions

1330 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 888 001 002

IP - DSNG/Ka-band
For world-wide distribution via satellite Internet, we use the latest streaming technology with QOS of bandwidth capacity.
We provide cost effective connection via KA-Sat / IP-SNG Uplinks with high end broadcast encoders with Forward Error Correction / PRO-MPEG FEC / for news gathering.

IP streaming and webcast services
ATV offers tailor-made and effective solutions of highest quality for publishing video content online:
Live video
Broadcasting of real-time video. The video is being transmitted at the moment it is received
On-demand video
Storage and streaming of on-demand video content.
Transparent cashing
Accelerate streaming of on-demand video, stored on remote arrays (load-balanced arrays).

Each online video streaming service comes with the following features:

  • Integration of the video stream in your own website;
  • Various video content security tools;
  • Content delivery to any screen – PCs, smart phones, tablets, STB;
  • Guaranteed quality of experience for your viewers

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