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Actual News

Actual News
Actual News
Teterinskiy Pereulok, 4 c!
Moscow 109004

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Actual News provides Television News-gathering production (tape and live) in the following international cities, primarily in Russia. Its facilities will provide support to Overseas correspondents assigned to these cities. Moscow, Sochi, St, Petersburg, and other Russian cities.

Co-working Space that includes the following:

  • More than one location in different places in Russia.
  • Different studios for DLT's at the same time.
  • Including units LiveU, TVU for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Professional cameras are available for you any time.
  • The lights equipment (for outdoors shooting as well as for studio DLT's)
  • Multi-Camera Broadcast & Event Coverage
  • Broadcast/Outside Broadcast filming to Television Commercials & marketing content.

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