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USA: Newsperson, Data Journalist - Associated Press

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Newsperson, Data Journalist - Associated Press


Closing Date: 21st December 2022

The most compelling breaking news coverage incorporates enough context to help news consumers make sense of it all. When a bridge collapses, audiences should understand how vital it had been to the area’s travel patterns; when a hurricane strikes, they should know how it relates to other storms in recent history.

Good preparation makes all the difference in how we cover these stories, and we’re looking for someone who can turn that into an area of expertise and a point of pride.

The Associated Press is seeking a data journalist with strong analytical and technical skills and a collaborative spirit. In this role, you would be gathering data and documents and finding the best ways to help other AP journalists incorporate those materials into their reporting. You also would identify some of the most useful and compelling information to share with other news organizations and with the general public. The successful candidate will join AP’s data journalism team and can be based in any U.S. city with an AP office.

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